Ceramic Tiles

If you’re looking for tiles for your floors and walls, traditional ceramic tiles have a well-earned reputation for being both attractive and durable. They come in a wide range of colours, textures, patterns and styles meaning that, whatever your needs and tastes, there’ll be a ceramic tile to suit.

And when it comes to buying quality tiles at a very competitive price, Tile Fusion has one of the widest choices of ceramic tiles Melbourne has available, and they’re all available at a great price too.

Ceramic Tiles Melbourne

You’ll find that our ceramic tiles come in all kinds of colours and patterns, and they’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes too. Whether you prefer a clean monochromatic look or you want to create a more colourful tiling arrangement, you’ll find that we stock one of the best ranges of ceramic wall tiles Melbourne has ever seen. From simple white ceramics to ceramic tiles with patterns and borders, you’ll be amazed by the choice of tiles at our Melbourne best tile shop.

When it comes to choosing the best tiles for your kitchen or bathroom, ceramics are certainly one of the most suitable options for a variety of reasons.

  • To begin with, tiles made from ceramic tend to cost less than porcelain tiles, and they’re much lighter in weight, making them much easier to lay.
  • They’re so easy to lay that some people cut costs by doing the job themselves. However, if you do need some extra help, you’ll find that we don’t just stock one of the best ranges of ceramic floor tiles Melbourne has available, we can put you in touch with professional tile layers too.
  • They’re more practical than heavier types of tiles for walls – a big advantage if you like the look of fully tiled bathrooms.
  • What’s more is they come in a range of glazed, smooth and textured finishes, although textured finishes do require a little more cleaning than smooth glazed tiles.
  • One big advantage that ceramic tiles do have over other types of tiles is their price as they’re considerably cheaper. We offer the best prices on ceramic tiles in the area of Melbourne.

Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of using ceramic tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, why not call into our showroom and speak to one of our team?

We’ve over 55 years of experience in the tile business and we have one of the best selections of ceramic bathroom tiles Melbourne has ever seen. We offer a lay-by service, plus we can deliver throughout the Melbourne area.

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