Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles are the perfect option if you’re looking to add a unique and luxurious finish to the floors and walls in your home. Not only are they a current trend, but they also possess a natural appeal that can’t be achieved by using tiles that are mass-produced in a factory.

Handmade tiles have a unique appeal that comes from their imperfect edges, the differences in the consistency of the glaze and the way in which the colour can change slightly from tile to tile.

At Tile Fusion, we know and appreciate the beauty that handmade tiles can bring to your special project, and that’s why we stock one of the best selections of handmade tiles Melbourne has on offer.

And just in case you thought that handmade tiles are out of your budget, you really should check us out as, just like all the tiles that we stock, our handmade tiles all come at very competitive prices.

So what makes handmade tiles handmade?

It’s all down to the fact that they have their glaze brushed on by hand before they’re baked in the kiln. This means that the consistency and uniformity seen in mass-produced tiles is unlikely to happen with handmade ceramic tiles.

Rather than all being the same colour, the colours in handmade tiles can vary considerably plus, as the tiles cool, they may develop crazing – slight cracks in the glaze. However, rather than detract from the beauty of the tile, it’s these so-called imperfections that add a unique character to handmade tiles.

A wide variety of handmade tiles always in stock

At Tile Fusion, we like to keep up with all the latest tile trends, and that’s why you’ll find that we have a wide variety of handmade tiles always in stock. Whether you’re looking for something colourful and folksy, such as handmade Mexican tiles, or you’re planning to create a minimalistic and utilitarian look in your bathroom with some of our top quality handmade subway tiles, you’ll find exactly what you need at our Melbourne tile showroom.

We stock a fantastic range of handmade tiles that will appeal to both the modernists and traditionalists amongst you and, as you would expect from a tile retailer with over 55 years in the business, our prices are some of the most competitive in the city. We also offer a range of Italian Tiles and Lappato Tiles.

Come and see our range of handmade tiles for yourself

If you’d like to see our range of handmade tiles for yourself, simply pop down to our tile showroom in Moorabbin. We’re open 6 days a week, and our expert team of staff is always on hand to help you with your choice. We offer lay-bys for all our tiles, including handmade, plus we’ll deliver your tiles anywhere within the Melbourne area.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about our handmade tiles, simply call us on 03 9555 9766.