Lappato Tiles

Lappato tiles are semi-polished tiles from Italy. This means that rather than being polished or matt, their finish is somewhere in between, with the final result being dependent upon the factory in which they were made, and the amount of polish they’ve received.

You can find Lappato tiles with a very smooth finish, while others might have a much rougher texture to them. However, no matter how polished or matt their finish, Lappato tiles will always be of excellent quality.

Variety of Lappato Tiles in Melbourne

When choosing Lappato finish tiles for your tiling project, you’ll notice that some of them have only received a very light polish, sometimes just on the high spots of the textured glaze. As these tiles have a rougher finish, they’re less likely to show scratches than the polished versions, and have more of a non-slip finish. This makes them extremely suitable for areas where safety is an issue, such as around pool areas, or in the bathroom.

Other types of Lappato finish tiles might be polished in a way that leaves dull spots or pits set into a highly polished finish, which gives the effect of natural stone. They’re an excellent choice if you’re looking to create a contemporary look for floors in any room of the house, especially as some of the less polished versions, with their rougher surface, tend to be non-slip.

Things to Consider when Buying Lappato Tiles

However, one thing you do have to consider when thinking of using Lappato tiles in your home is that, due to the rough nature of the finish, they can be more difficult to clean when compared with some of the smoother options.

That said; if safety is your number one priority, then Lappato tiles could be the perfect option for your home. We can also put you in touch with professional tilers in the Melbourne area who have the expertise that’s needed to lay Lappato tiles perfectly to give them the natural effect that is so characteristic of them.

Lappato Tiles Melbourne

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