Marble Tiles

If you’re looking to create a luxurious feel in your home, you can’t beat the sheer magnificence of marble tiles. Used for centuries to create stunning floors, walls, and other features, it’s popular not just in Italy where it was used to build buildings such as the Pantheon, but in palaces and ornate homes all around the world.

Unfortunately, for most of us, this stunning stone is way out of the budget. However, you can still get the look of marble without having to fork out thousands of dollars by choosing to lay marble tiles in your home.

Carrara Marble Tiles Melbourne

Marble tiles are a much cheaper alternative to sheet marble. Made from stone, they’re cut to size prior to being polished to a uniform depth. By being made in this way, each tile is unique in both pattern and colouring so you won’t find two marble tiles that are exactly the same.

These differences give a more natural feel to marble tiles floor than you would get from any other kind of tile. The tiles are soft and warm to the touch, and they can add a stylish and sophisticated look to any room in the house.

Top Considerations when Buying Marble Tiles

One thing you must remember is that marble tiles do need regular maintenance. Once laid they should be sealed and then resealed at regular intervals of between 6-12 months, depending on the location of the tiles and how much they’re walked on.

Marble tiles are also easily stained, so you must always mop up anything you spill immediately. Our staff can give you further advice on laying and caring for marble tiles, especially as some cleaning products can damage the surface.

However, if you’d like the look of marble but want a cheaper and less work-intensive option, then marble look porcelain tiles is the answer. To meet the growing demand for realistic marble looking tiles, some Italian tiles companies use technically advanced machines to produce porcelain versions that perfectly replicate the delicate natural beauty of marble so well, that you’d find it hard to distinguish them from the originals.

Tiles made of porcelain are much easier to clean and maintain than real marble; plus they don’t require sealing, and can be used where a strong, waterproof tile is needed.

Marble Tiles in Melbourne

If you’d like to see how authentic porcelain marble tiles could look, come along to our tile showroom in Moorabbin. As one of the longest running tile stores in Melbourne, we’re able to bring you one of the best selections of marble tiles Melbourne has available, including marble hexagon tileswhich are fantastic for creating stylish and unique floors.

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