Timber Tiles

While many of us love the look of wood, sometimes wooden flooring isn’t the most practical option, especially for a kitchen or bathroom floor. Although wood can look beautiful, it doesn’t take kindly to getting wet. However, if you’d like the look of wood but the practicality of tiles, there is another solution and that’s to use timber look tiles.

Timber Tiles Melbourne

  • They’re perfect for use both indoors and outdoors, with outdoor timber tiles having a textured non-slip surface that makes them ideal for creating attractive patios and verandas.
  • Timber look tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for kitchen and bathroom floors as they offer the perfect compromise. You get all the practicality and durability of porcelain tiles together with a very realistic wood finish.
  • Unlike wooden floors, they won’t suffer if they get wet or if you constantly have to clean up dirty footprints and paw marks, plus they’re strong, durable and very easy to lay and maintain.
  • They are the perfect choice for those locations where you expect heavy footfall or which are likely to get wet, so it’s no wonder that timber tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for both bathrooms and kitchens.

If you’re wondering how realistic this kind of tile is, then let us assure you that due to the introduction of digital printing techniques, tile manufacturers are now able to create a natural timber tile that looks just like the real thing.

Once laid, these tiles are difficult to tell from a wooden or laminate floor and yet there’s no risk of the tiles being damaged or discoloured by water. Furthermore, at our tile warehouse we stock timber tiles in a range of different wood finishes, so whether you fancy oak timber tiles in your kitchen or whitewood timber tiles in the bathroom, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for at Tile Fusion.

From tiles that look like bamboo to tiles in the shape of long, thin planks, it’s easy to recreate all kinds of wood finishes with timber look tiles.

The Biggest Range of Timber Look Tiles in Melbourne

So if you’re looking for one of the biggest ranges of timber look tiles Melbourne has available, be sure to come down to our tile showroom and see our selection. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer all your questions, and to advise on any aspect of laying timber tiles.

Whether you’re looking to lay timber tiles indoors or outdoors, you’ll get all the help you need from the experts at Tile Fusion. Our prices for timber tiles are some of the best you’ll find in the city, and we offer delivery on all our tiles throughout the Melbourne area.

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